Customer “next practices” and Proof Points at VMworld

The theme of VMworld 2010 is “Virtual Roads. Actual Clouds.”  The question of the day is, how much of the ideas being discussed are marketing “hype” and how much is reality.  SiliconANGLE will be broadcasting live TV over the internet featuring a broad spectrum of executives and customers covering the entire virtualization ecosystem.  SiliconANGLE founder John Furrier said that the theme of the coverage will be “Reality of the Cloud – No Hype, Proof Points Only!

The examination of any new technology is a challenge.  Differentiating between the great ideas that will make a company more competitive and the bad ideas that can cost you your job is not a trivial task.  One of the main focuses of the SiliconANGLE coverage will be to talk to customers and to get at the root of how and why they decided to deploy new technology and what changes this has had on their operations.  Companies that want to be more competitive in the marketplace need to look beyond the “best practices” – what everyone else is doing – and move to “next practices”.  C.K.Prahalad defined this as “identifying the mega-opportunities that will arise; and building capabilities to capitalize on them”.   While virtualization is believed to be one of these mega-trends, this does not mean that every product or service attached to virtualization makes sense for the marketplace or for companies.  At the Enterprise 2.0 conference, JP Rangaswami gave a 2×2 decision matrix for looking at the practical applicability and theory uniqueness of new ideas.

Some of the areas that we see as hot for examination:

  1. Virtualizing enterprise applications – an example is Tom Peck, CIO of Levi Strauss discussing how he virtualized his SAP environment
  2. VDI – desktop has been “the next thing” for a few years, are solutions becoming reality now or will it not be a fit for many organizations?
  3. Cloud – there are 75 sessions scheduled for VMworld with cloud in the title (spanning the Private, Public and Hybrid versions) – there has to be some proof points in this many sessions.
  4. vCloudHow will VMware and the ecosystem deliver federated on-demand cloud services?
  5. Convergence – we have VCE, VCNetApp and HP vying for converged infrastructure leadership – what do customers and channel partners think?

If you are attending VMworld, the live broadcast will be taking place from the Blogger’s Lounge.  If you can’t make it in person this year, stay tuned for details on the full broadcast schedule.  You can also follow the social media users who will be attending with this TweepML list and watch the hashtag #vmworld.

UPDATE: Check out this artist rendition of the Blogger’s Lounge and “The Cube” where the live video will be: