VMware Network OS announcement at VMworld: vFabric?

VMware Director of R&D Howie Xu will be presenting The Future Direction of Networking Virtualization at VMworld 2010 in San Francisco (9am Monday 8/30 and 4:30pm Wednesday 9/1) and Copenhagen.  In a preview video, Howie states that “VMware will be announcing an open, extensible networking virtual chassis platform, a Network OS or networking hypervisor, so that anyone can develop the on-demand networking service on top of vSphere.”  There will also be services built on top of the platform.  On the top-right corner of the white board at the beginning of the video is a term “vFabric” – could this be the name of the new platform? UPDATE: Howie Xu contacted me and let me know that “vFabric” is not related to the virtual chassis for network services which will be announced at VMworld.

Link to the video at: VMware’s Future Direction of Networking Virtualization

VMware already has a vNetwork Distributed Switch (VDS) and an open API for the hypervisor switch which to date only Cisco has created the Cisco Nexus 1000v.  Will networking companies embrace VMware’s expanding approach to networking solutions designed for VMware environments as much as the storage vendors have embraced vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI)?  I look forward to hearing a lot more details at the session and discussing this topic on the live TV broadcast in The Cube at VMworld.


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