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Hyperscale Invades the Enterprise Data Center [Infographic]

Hyperscale Invades the Enterprise Data Center [Infographic]It isn’t the zombie apocalypse, but for too long, IT administrators have been shackled to infrastructure that was as friendly and stable as the stumbling undead. The coordination between application, infrastructure and physical data center was poor, leading to over 70% of resources being spent on adjusting configurations and trying to keep the lights on. Hyperscale cloud providers were built for scalability from day 1, so they had to be able to manage orders of magnitude more gear with a smaller IT staff. While cloud providers can customize new applications, enterprise users are burdened with a portfolio of legacy applications. The transformation to a scalable, agile and fast methodology isn’t simple, there are lessons and technologies that the enterprise can learn from the largest IT shops.


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Data Footprints by Generations [Infographic]

Data Footprints ThumbnailAs data is continuously collected and created, companies have difficulty just storing it, missing any opportunity to leverage the information. The wave of big data has the potential to flip the burden of data management into the opportunity of new value creation. Yesterday’s solutions don’t accomplish this today and will be even less effective tomorrow.

While the volume of data has grown exponentially over the last few decades, the fundamental and underlying technology on which we store data hasn’t. Sure, we’ve had improvements in densities (to store more data) and connectivity (to provide better access to data), but the pace of data growth has overwhelmed the benefits of these technological advancements.


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