Desktop Virtualization Reality Check

As I read through the predictions for 2011, everyone had a position on VDI, including here and here and here.  The VDI Infographic was one of our most popular of the year.

We’ve been talking about it for many years – will 2011 be different?  Has your boss come to you with unrealistic expectations for a VDI deployment (see this short video):

Since every vendor out there has a VDI storage – not just Citrix and VMware, but all the storage players, networking players and beyond, we want to give a look at the solutions and technology for the IT practitioner.  We’ve gathered a panel of technologists and bloggers to tell customers what they can really expect for desktop virtualization.  In addition to our panel of experts which includes Glenda Canfield, Michael Keen, and Jason Langone, the Peer Incite calls always require your questions.  For a little background on Desktop Virtualization, here’s an article from me including video from VMworld, an article of Glenda’s on SiliconAngle and the topic on Quora which includes a great answer from Jason on “What is holding back business adoption of VDI?”.

Here’s the link for the Peer Incite call on Desktop Virtualization.  No registration is required, but please mark your calendar for Noon ET, January 25, 2011.  Hope to hear from you then.



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  • Pingback: Tweets that mention Desktop Virtualization Reality Check « Wikibon Blog --

  • Attended the Peer Incite today. Quick notes on my takeaways:

    – Still no clear use cases. VMware proposed “follow-me desktop” as the clear use case (u/c) winner, particularly in hospitals and schools, but not sure if these will have the scale to justify taking the technology risk. Would love to be proved wrong.
    – no mention of 2010 proposed u/c winners – license management, desktop migration, end-user support management.
    – technical complexity – storage and I/O performance impact for large scale deployments still a major unknown.
    – ROI complexity – no common analytics or measurements to discuss.
    – A VDI strategy “is all about the data”, according to the panelists – didn’t follow that discussion at all, but I’m sure we’re learn more in the write up.

    And the Wikibon team is right – the industry needs a few cold hard facts about the value of VDI. And we need a discussion about VDI Strategies in Practice, emphasing the word “Practice”.

  • Great comments here Mike. I would agree that VDI in practice is a good next discussion. Bill twitter @cioestv