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The following are research notes from Wikibon's Peer Incite research meetings. The objectives of Peer Incites is to share information and best practices that can help customers apply technology to create business solutions.

Peer Incites are normally scheduled for the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month. These meetings are an open, moderated phone forum where a guest practitioner presents a premise to the community. Anyone can participate in the call, have a voice, ask questions or comment. The content of the call is ultimately geared toward the customer. The goal is to catalyze thought and action items that the community posts on Wikibon after the call.

Peer Incite calls are not vendor sponsored events, however Wikibon clients are allowed an opportunity to suggest topics and invite their customers to host calls.

Since we launched Wikibon, we've hosted many dozen Peer Incites attended by several thousand IT professionals. Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed content.

  • If you'd like to participate or present, please Contact Us.
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Storage Peer Incite Newsletters
Date Research Notes Audio/Short Length Audio/Full Length
07-30-13Enhancing Cloud Services with Hybrid Storage00:00:00
04-23-13Software is Eating the World - Will Amazon Eat Enterprise Infrastructure 00:56:54
01-22-13Commercial Applications And Hyper-Scale Storage 00:53:46
12-18-12Quieting Noisy Neighbors In Cloud Services 00:54:19
11-27-12Optimizing Infrastructure for Analytics-Driven Real-Time Decision Making 00:59:47
11-13-12Achieving Enterprise-Class Data Protection on a Small-Business Budget 00:52:44
09-04-12Long-Distance Data Replication for Continuous Business Uptime 00:58:36
08-21-12Pre-VMworld special: Harnessing Crowd Wisdom for the Future of Virtualization 00:54:13
08-07-12Designing a Network for Service-Provider Scalability 00:57:19
07-10-12Combining Unstructured and Structured Data to Deliver Big Data Business Value 00:52:04
05-15-12Creating a Single Data Repository for Backup and Archive in a Shared-Services IT Environment 00:55:11
04-10-12Creating a Zero Data Loss Environment 00:52:33
04-03-12Selecting Data Protection Solutions for Cloud Storage Offerings 01:00:28
03-20-12The Rise of 10Gb Ethernet and the Impact of Intels Xeon E5 Family of Processors 00:49:05
03-06-12Achieving Hyper Productivity Through DevOps - A new Methodology for Business Technology Management 00:58:43
02-09-12Squinting through the Glare of Project Lightning 01:02:45
12-13-11Data on Disk is Dead Data - How Flash is Changing Systems Design Forever 01:00:03
09-13-11Deploying Network Management in a Virtualized Environment 57:28
07-26-11Cloud Archiving Forever without Losing a Bit 1:00:24
07-12-11Maximizing the Value of VMware Infrastructure and App 58:51
05-03-11Oracle and Virtualization: Peas in a Pod or Oil and Water? 59:17
03-01-11Big Data - Is your Data Warehouse a Dinosaur? 54:16
01-25-11Desktop Virtualization Cold Hard Facts 56:14
01-11-11Archiving Is Broken 55:33
11-30-10Is RAID Obsolete? 58:22
11-09-10Backup is Broken - Data Protection as a Service is the Fix 59:11
11-02-10Cloud Meta Data: Driving New Business Model 59:28
08-10-10Virtual Storage Consolidation: How Organizations are Moving from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and Eventually the Cloud 1:00:47
08-03-10Securely Moving to the Cloud 55:42
07-27-10Beyond Spanning Tree Protocol 58:57
06-29-10The Future of Storage: A Discussion with Technology Gurus 56:25
06-15-10From Tape to the Cloud: Data backup strategies for SMBs 53:52
06-08-10Primary Storage Optimization: Making Deduplication Invisible 56:49
05-04-10Disaster recovery, achieving zero data loss using asynchronous infrastructure 59:18
04-27-10What's Next in VMware Backup 58:30
04-06-10Common sense approaches to improving data center efficiency 59:59
03-23-10Should Function Reside in the Infrastructure or Application Stacks 59:47
03-02-10How Virtualization and Cloud Computing Change Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 1:00:07
02-16-10Information Governance and Transparency though Records Management 1:00:31
02-02-10FCoE: Fact versus Fiction 59:31
01-12-10Opening Pandora's Box of SAN Management 58:50
11-17-09How Strand architected a remote office backup and recovery with a DR twist 07:33 29:23
09-29-09How CalTech manages to manage a billion files 6:55 16:37
08-25-09Using sourcing strategies to modernize legacy systems 1:01:48
07-28-09Building a strategic information plan to tame unstructured data
06-23-09Huddle with Wikibon Analysts discussing NetApps Analyst briefing 49:47
06-11-09Data compression for primary storage 05:18 30:09
05-26-09EMC World 2009 1:05:76
03-17-09Virtualization Energizes California State University East Bay 57:38
02-24-09Improving Energy Efficiency - Part 1: JCPenney's Green IT Tips 05:57
02-24-09Reducing Data Center Costs thru Improved Energy Efficiency 58:31
02-03-09X-Pfizer IT Exec Unlocks Legal Risk Secrets - Part II 20:08
02-03-09X-Pfizer IT Exec Unlocks Legal Risk Secrets - Part I 19:48 1:00:43
12-16-08EMC strategies for 2009 and beyond 23:18 59:41
11-18-082009 Storage budget cuts - what are your options? 21:35 58:03
11-04-08Financing strategies in tight capital markets 07:53 1:04:31
10-07-08Best practice in tape backup and recovery 08:36 1:09:07
08-26-08IBM's stealth XIV announcement 09:07 1:06:20
08-12-08EMC's CX4 announcement 07:47 57:44
07-29-08Is MAID finally getting hitched? 08:04 58:18
06-24-08Best practices to reduce exchange backup windows 08:16 1:01:23
06-03-08What cloud computing means for next generation storage infrastructure 07:37 1:01:47
05-27-08Customer implications and review of EMC World 2008 09:36 1:07:15
05-06-08Best practice in Oracle 11G remote replication 07:31 1:05:04
04-15-08VMware: The storage imperative 06:03 1:02:19
03-18-08Maximizing the value of your NetApp investment 09:14 1:00:30
03-04-08Understanding disk-based backup alternatives 06:42 1:05:09
02-19-08Developing a storage services architecture 06:28 1:06:24
02-05-08Remote Backup Services: Requirements and Alternatives 05:10
01-22-08EMC's DMX Enhancement Announcement 06:24
01-15-08IBM's acquisition of XIV 04:38
12-11-07Clustered storage 07:00
12-04-07Disk drive power consumption, what can be done? 06:41
11-20-07Maximizing storage returns from your EMC relationship 07:15
11-06-07Hitachi announcement review 08:50
10-30-07Green storage procurement options 05:16
10-23-07IBM storage announcement 05:52
10-09-07Maximizing storage returns from your IBM relationship 07:50
09-25-07Selecting virtualization approaches 04:46
09-18-07Storage resource management (SRM) 04:38
09-11-07Infrastructure for email archiving 05:38
09-04-07Virtual tape strategies 03:56
08-28-07Continuous data protection 04:35
08-14-07Re-visiting e-mail archiving strategies 04:41
08-04-07Strategies for Storage Consolidation 05:52
07-31-07How-to optimize and justify DR expenditures 05:59
07-24-07EMC's 07-16-07 Platform Announcement 05:29
07-17-07Storage security 05:26
07-10-07Can tape be eliminated? 04:12
07-03-07Mobile device impact on enterprise storage 03:29
06-26-07Tiered storage 05:45
06-19-07Google storage 06:00
06-12-07Recording the change to records management 05:24
06-04-07Predicting data deduplication 05:34
05-29-07iSCSI and the future of SAN 03:45
05-22-07Data deduplication and the NetApp IBM Announcements 04:37
05-15-07Hitachi USPV and Thin Provisioning 04:55
05-08-07At Your Storage Service 04:47
05-01-07The State of Big NAS 04:54
04-25-07IBM's Grid Access Manager 03:45
04-18-07Green Computing 04:27
04-10-07Blade Servers 06:12
03-27-07Data Classification 02:57
03-20-07Storage Virtualization 04:42
03-13-07Storage Services Architecture 05:08
03-06-07Email Archiving 05:47 50:45
02-26-073-Node Disaster Recovery
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