New Computing Models Require New Storage Architectures says HP's David Scott

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This is a transcription of a short conversation between David Scott, Hewlett-Packard SVP and general manager of HP StorageWorks and formerly President and CEO of 3Par, which was recently acquired by HP. He speaks with's David Vellante and SiliconAngle CEO John Furrier from SNW 2011 in April on

DS: I have another meeting in six minutes. So I just want to get a cup of tea.

DV: Have you gone on yet? What did you tell the crowd. Give us a quick synopsis and then we'll let you get out of here.

DS: Fundamentally it was about things have changed in the last 20 years. Just think about social networking, how different it is today than sending a postcard from Hawaii or photos in the post or mail or whatever, and just talking about how there have been the same major changes in cloud computing, yet the storage that we have available today was all architected 20 years ago. And fundamentally with IT-as-a-service, big data, you really need a modern set of storage architectures that address the challenges of today. And that's what I was really talking about in the presentation.

DV: So David Scott, the man behind 3Par – of course there really were a lot of men and women behind 3Par.

DS: Of course there is. Sixty or seventy of them.

DV: You were there from the early days. You architected a phenomenal exit for the company, and now you're....

JF: HP's innovation message is strong. This is exactly why we're here with the Cube. We're seeing Facebook, Twitter, these new paradigms launching, real-time data, analytics, all point to a new future.

DS: Exactly.

JF: And that's what we want to hear more about.

DS: It's an exciting future. And HP's cloud strategy is extremely strong. So have a good show.

DV: Great to see you, thanks for stopping by.

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