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Storage without limits — very simple and very scalable, built on commodity hardware. By keeping storage really simple, it scales. Design for failure, when things break — which they always do, the failure does not affect the entire system. The failed component is simply replaced when someone gets the chance to, meanwhile, the system just uses another commodity component in the network. But the reality is that most businesses, both big and small, don’t have the resources to build out their own storage systems. They also have different workloads: Oracle, Exchange, SAP…all mission critical business applications. What to do? This is still influx, but one thing they do know: it’s time for change.

The end of big storage is here. The industry is ready for change.

Gridstore is the leading provider of grid based scale-out storage that turns simple storage building blocks into the world’s most powerful and affordable storage without limits. Gridstore brings the era of mainframe style monolithic storage and its disruptive forklift upgrades to an end. The Grid allows businesses to start small and pay as they grow to any size while growing more powerful with each additional block. Eliminate the frustrations of planning and forecasting for the unknown. No more headaches, no more disruption to your business. Now you can effortlessly give your organization the powerful storage it demands.

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