X-Pfizer CIO Unlocks Legal Risk Secrets

Well, not really. It’s no secret that email archiving and eDiscovery are broken– and as my colleague Gary MacFadden points out, the vendors aren’t the only ones to blame.

I had the pleasure recently of hosting a Wikibon Peer Incite and we invited Michael McCreary, the COO of Rational Retention to present. Mike used to be a client when he was the head of Pfizer’s Legal Technology Group and has forgotten more about this topic than I’ll ever know. Participating on the call we had Mike Versace from the Financial Services Technology Consortium, Dave B. from a giant financial organization, Martin Tuip from Mimosa Systems and a number of others from the Wikibon community.

In case you missed the call, here’s Part I which sets up the problem statement. Basically everyone agreed that users had to do something. Between new regulations, litigation risks and so forth the best available option was shoving everything into a centralized archive. The issue is, these archives are growing too large which is expensive (happy storage vendors), they tax performance and make eDiscovery costs skyrocket (because eDiscovery is a volume-driven activity and lawyers are more expensive than research analysts).

I’ll post Part II shortly, where we discuss the technologies and architectural solutions, which relate to auto-classification and retention at the source of content creation (i.e. desktops, laptops, blackberries, etc).


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