VDI still on the rise

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI has long been kind of the lesser flashy sidekick to server virtualization and the cloud.  We often hear so much about virtualization, and especially the cloud, because they are flashy, they do have that element of consumerization of IT.  VDI however has been making consistent increased presence in the enterprise for a number of years now.  For some organizations, it can be complicated to ingest the kind of changes that VDI introduces and the advantages it brings about.  VDI products typically build on virtualization platforms, and that is one sure advantage.  It also delivers improvements and efficiencies to the enterprise environment that is changing the ways a lot of environments are conducting business. 

One of the biggest elements in considering a VDI deployment is the investment in technology, from high-powered systems, storage upgrades, network upgrades, training, and software costs, the investment is not doubt significant.  An immediate return on investment is not something that is typically realized because of this.  However over time, the savings and efficiencies takes hold as deployments mature.  The many advantages of this constructs such as increased availability, faster deployment, uniform computing, reduced helpdesk calls, along with ease of management align for a better, faster, more secure and reliable computing environment.

With little doubt, planning for an appropriate VDI solution is very much more complex than even its close partner that is virtualization.  There are many things to consider and many elements that may require ancillary upgrading in addition to the basic technology and architecture required for the solution.  These upgrades however are cyclical and refreshed pursuant to an organizations requirements and technology schedules.  Today’s virtualization and VDI technologies are quite robust and flexible to a number of physical and computing environments.  VDI, zero and thin client deployments are still emerging and evolving for the better and the enterprise will continue to adapt to these concepts.   As an organization that is standing on the outside looking in at VDI, it’s time to get in because there are many options and many companies are already enjoying a fantastic return on this investment.