Untangle This! The World’s Worst Cable Clutters

A couple of weeks ago, we showed you pictures of some of the most artfully organized cables we could find. Today, we’re taking the opposite approach. We’ve all been guilty of the disorganized cable and wire heap, and frankly, it is a crime to be ashamed of. Most of us respectful citizens will clean up our act sooner or later, however, some others don’t. These serial tanglers have earned a notorious reputation because of their unrivaled skill at creating clutter. We’ve tracked down some of the worst cases of cable abuse and narrowed it down to the ten worst. Think you have cable clutter worse than these? Let us know in the comments!










This last one is obviously a controlled display of messy wires.  But even so, it looks intimidating and I would want nothing to do with it.



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  • Guest

    Those are even worse than the Griswold’s Christmas light display.

  • Markm

    Wow I used to be a live sound engineer and we could produce some spectacular “Birdsnests” but these are scary. My roadcrew would have gone completely nuts trying to sort that lot out after a gig

  • Akihabara_boy

    ‘It is green.’

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  • the back-end wiring is usually done by a professional and doesn’t need to be modified but the front end that goes into the switches is where the mess starts. I’ve done several very nicely routed wiring jobs on the front end only to come back in a few months or a year and see a rats nest… after the onsite administrator failed to maintain what was originally a well organized wiring job. people will be lazy… on another note, if the front end wiring is locked down beautifully, it’s a hell of a pain in the ‘you-know-what’ to troubleshoot or fix a problem.

  • OMG, I think I’m gonna be sick.

  • Francol


  • NavyCrypto

    Ah, if only I could post some of the nests I’ve seen at my last command in the Navy. I tell ya, the USS Chancellorsville sure knows how to make a mess…

  • Guest

    Oh dear. It’s not just my friends who fail at cable management .__.

  • Bud Ryerson

    As a contractor, I think I’ve been to every one of these places. Nobody knows where anything goes.

  • Eduardo Sorinhach

    looks like my house

  • Oliver Jones

    Place I once worked had a setup like the second one … two racks at right angles with so many wires between one rack and the other that you couldn’t work on it without stepping on some wires.

    Company had to move to a new building because they couldn’t sort it out. I hear the racks were demolished with electric hedge clippers and a sawz-all.

  • Sotherans

    There’s nothingnew in this. Try this photo of the first telephone exchange in Croydon, England (And no. . . . it’s not the back end of Irwin’s system!). Peter-S

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  • Shame! seems the world’s worst thing can be seen here. Greatest mess. My gosh how come they are gonna survive out to clean up this mess. 🙁


  • Fantastic Awfulness!

  • Ken W. Schultz

    7th pic was of a music stage. This is normal. These cables do not remain after the show.

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