Revisited: The Rapid Growth in Unstructured Data

A little over a month ago Wikibon put together an cloud storage infographic based on the EMC Digital Universe study highlighting the rapid growth of unstructured data, how that growth will impact storage, and the responsibility of the enterprise.

As it turns out, the math for our visualization contained a few errors, that astute Wikibon community members were able to pinpoint.

Here is an updated infographic, with key corrections in the height of the 78 billion iPad “iStack” stretching across Wembley Stadium. Most notably, an error in the equation had our stack reaching a height over 330 miles high. The error was in our calculations stemming from the very beginning. We inadvertently had 62 iPads (a Terabyte of data) spanning 32 feet (not 32 inches) when stacked on top of one another.

As a result, the correct height of the iStack should span 4.24 miles; not quite as high as we thought but still impressive and quite a difference from our original estimation. Thank you for your support and interest. Here’s to hoping you enjoy the latest (and hopefully final) revision!