Top 5 No-Skill Hackers

There are plenty of people out there who want to break systems, gain secret information, and edit the world to their fancy. There are some who accomplish this by hacking the world’s most guarded data systems, then there are those who take a slightly less code-genius approach to hacking the world. Take a look at some of the best no skill hackers.


The Jealous Girlfriend
No-Skills required: sticky fingers

There are few people in this world more dangerous than a jealous girlfriend, just ask Samson about Delilah. When it comes to discovering the truth, sometimes stalking your every move on Facebook just isn’t revealing enough. So what’s a no-skill hacker’s next step? As your jealous girlfriend, she has an unsettling amount of access to your pockets and/or charging station, stealing your smartphone and rifling through your texts and emails over the past year is as easy as SQL Injection.

Girlfriend no-skill hack


Preventative Measures: Lock it up! Password protection may be an inconvenience, but it keeps prying eyes out of your personal conversations between you and your mom about how to properly iron your shirt.


Surfer Pirates
No-Skills required: clicking download knowing full well it’s stealing.

Quite possibly the eventual death of the movie, software, and music industries, Pirates’ illegally downloading copyright, patent, and trademark protected intellectual property was a major driving force behind proposed highly unpopular Acts such as SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. Sure, free stuff is awesome, but at what cost? Higher prices when you do pay for it, lower quality products because companies have less money, and big brother shutting down websites that questionably “share” content such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Twitter.

No-skill hack - pirating


Preventative Measures:  SOPA, PIPA, ACTA…Doh!


Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain
No-Skills required: Auto-Tune

Auto-Tune, the voice hacking software that makes you sound like a robot is all the rage in the music industry these days. Perhaps with MTV focusing a little more on looks instead of music, artists who can’t quite hit that key decided to throw pitch out the window. It’s interesting that Auto-Tune was designed by a former Exxon Engineer who was using sound waves to locate oil reserves under the sea floor, turns out he struck gold.

lil wayne and t-pain n- skill hacking their voices


Preventative Measures: Voice Lessons


Video Game Cheaters
No-Skill required: Konami Code- Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-Start

Video games can be an escape from the real world, a gateway into another life where simple rules such as physics and criminal laws simply don’t apply. However, getting past level 9 is oftentimes simply impossible and the game slips from a fun escape into a frustrating nightmare. Video game developers are sometimes aware that their game is impossible, so they build in backdoor hacks to the game program in order to give your character a little boost– such as infinite lives, anti-gravity boots, or impenetrable skin. On other occasions developers seem to get sick of looking at their own characters so much, so they build in features like Zombie mode, or big head mode.

No skill video game hackers use cheats


Preventative Measures: Thumb exercises to increase dexterity and thumb-eye coordinated response times.


Photoshop Filterers
No-Skill required: Photoshop filter dropdown menu

Hacking photos to edit the history of that epic night on facebook is probably a good idea if your parents, grandparents, or employers have friended you yet, but Photoshop is HARD! So instead, just add a Photoshop filter to the image, and suddenly that empty bottle of liquor in the background just looks like part of the fireworks, or whatever else that photo was supposed to be of.

Photoshop filterers use filters to hack photos

Preventative Measures: Magnetic Lasso tool and clone stamp.


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