The Beauty of Fiber Optics

Everyone knows fiber optics completely revolutionized the world of communication networks by delivering massive amounts of data almost instantly across great distances. Today, fiber optics are used in virtually every network ranging from massive data centers, to satellites in space, to transportation systems involving smart highways and traffic lights.

Using fiber optics has many benefits over other types of data transfer cables.  They have a high carrying capacity while still delivering high speed, they degrade less, have no interference, require less power, are lightweight, safe, and they are flexible.  But most importantly, fiber optic cables are visually stunning!  We have comprised a gallery of pictures honoring original non-data transmitting, very pretty, uses for fiber optics.

Fiber Optics Chandelier


Fiber Optic women's top


Christmas tree Fiber Optic


Pool using fiber optics


Jacket made of fiber optic lights



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  • tom

    Great out of the box uses for fiber optics solutions!

  • Sweet stuff, gotta love the fiber optics clothes!

  • Amazing display of pictures. I just love the jacket and i guess fiber optics will revolutionize other industries as well. But, how do they glow?