The Art of Cable Organization

In past blog posts, we’ve shown you some of the largest data centers and some of the most energy efficient data centers.  Today, we’re going to look at a different aspect of data centers, the network cabling.  As you’ll see in the first picture, Ethernet cables can be a nightmare if they aren’t carefully organized.  However, when they are organized, they can transform into clever pieces of modern art.  That’s exactly what we’re going to show you, a list of ten of the most artfully organized cabling systems we could find! At the end, be sure to let us know which are your favorites in the comments!




The number of storage interface types is a growing list, but fiber optic cables like the those below make for some beautiful curves when they’re properly installed.








Okay.  This last one doesn’t quite fit the theme, but we decided it was way too cool to leave out!  What do you think?



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  • Clint326

    Re: Last picture … What do I think? I think that hair style would be heavy as hell! That brace is probably there to prevent her neck from snapping.

  • Ginger

    Last one looks like a betty spaghetti

  • Reiterdm

    Are those ProCurve 400m switches?  How old are these photos?

  • Reiterdm

    4000m switches, sorry.

  • Chris

    I install structured cable systems for a living… most of these look way under par… I will snap some pictures from the field this week and post a link to them

  • ItsHumpDaySomewhere

    Way to sound intelligent, Paul.  A witty response in your case would have been no response at all.

  • Guest

    Somebody call Lady Gaga.

  • Anonymous

    Is it wrong i find organized and clean cabling so unbelievably sexy (and i don’t mean the chick in the last picture)

  • Valentios

    nothing wrong if you like this  lady  too  🙂

  • generally, tie-wraps are a no-no when installing data cabling, better to use the velcro that I see in some of these pics.

  • Megalos Kardia

    is she the queen of da internetz?

  • I want to learn how to do it to my computer network.

  • Anonymous

    Cable Art – 😀

  • guesterz

    i work at emc where there are servers with messy cables from customers and engineers all the time, i often catch my self organizing the cables.. my inner geek tells me to, i definitely do not consider it art though haha.

  • Alain DeWitt

    One upper

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  • Brian

    I want to see some of your work!

  • Marc

    When an installation is permanent, this sort of organization is straightforward because it’s preplanned and done once. The real challenge is to make systems that need to be re-purposed and re-patched  on an ongoing basis sensible and visually logical. At one point I ran a building with an IT infrastructure and a TV studio. IT was done once. The TV studio had to be reconfigured every time a task changed. In those cases it was easier to bundle wires by purpose (system synchronizaton, AC power, kind of video signals, kinds of audio signals, etc.) and then label each cable end by intent. Keeping this pretty, and more important useful, was a challenge.

  • Akoolo

    I do network cabling for small office netwwork and has appreciated image 3,5 and 10, i would suggest to my boss at work(a large telecommunication parastatal to go through the cabling and propose image 10

  • João


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  • Three weeks has past… Where are the pics?

  • Promovare Logo

    poor girl!

  • Killcity

    Hate to say this they look good but most of these are the structured cabling to the rear of the panels and not the patching at the front these cables never change they are designed and planned and installed once when the building is being cabled as some one has pointed out already, but still nice just hope that it’s not cat 6 with the 90 degree bends in it lol.

  • Probably he was talking about something else .. right chris ??

  • Anonymous

    I could not imagine having to replace only one cable in any of those.

  • Anonymous

    nice , I want to see what this guys home set up looks like

  • Goodlookingmason

    neatpatch. done. next problem

  • MaxMoonMoney

     6 Months have past. Pics?

  • billowred

    7 months no pics Mr. Awesome

  • Nil By Mouth

    The first pic is my fave. Looks like someone spending less time on confirming they have OCD and more time tinkering with the software side of the network… oh and I just like chaos too!

  • Wow, really impressive. They should get paid – a lot – for doing that!

  • Nate

    Translation of what Chris Said: “I am a douche, blah blah blah”

  • cristtos

    What a bunch of wussies!! the “tidy” look will last for a day or so 🙂
    Unless is a setup that no one ever touches again, then what is the point as no one will take advantage of the tidiness… How is yours?

  • Reconix

    What should be said here is the first picture is what the front of the other pictures actually look like 😀 including the last one.

  • The lady is irrelevant. – the Borg

  • Never mind 3 weeks, it’s been 3 years now: “Where are the pics?”, indeed!

  • William Moore

    this is all fine and dandy but what about if your running a lab and constantly changing out equipment machines and cables oh and throw in a video security server with that keep that organized . i try and its a f-ing mess always