Thank You Wikibon Community for Great VMware Survey Participation

As a follow up to research from last year (The Value of the VMware Integration Journey), Wikibon recently ran a survey of our community to collect user experiences and preferences for storage integration with VMware. We were thrilled with the support from the community and the quality and depth of the responses that we received. The primary method of gathering results was through a direct email to the Wikibon community. In addition, I’d like to thank VMware, Dell, NetApp, HP, EMC and others for sharing the survey through various social channels.

Out of 817 who started the survey, 437 completed the full information (only 10 questions, but 2 required 14 radio buttons, but people persevered). For our research purposes, we will be focusing on the end user, reseller and SI responses (removing anyone who works for a vendor), leaving us with a sample of 361. The Wikibon team has been analyzing the results and our goal is to transform the great data that we received into information that will help the whole community. Starting next week, we will begin the publication process; be sure to watch our wiki and blog. There are some great best practices, recommendations for the industry, feedback on what is valuable, difficulty of deployment of features and much more. The survey is yet another proof point of the vAgents of Change (VCPs, VMUG volunteers and more) that drive adoption of the VMware ecosystem.

While sharing with peers is reward in itself, we did offer an iPad to create an incentive for completing the survey. The winner of a new iPad 2 with Smart Cover is David Fleischmann, an Infrastructure Architect from Melbourne Australia (he gave clearance to mention his name)! Thank you for everyone who participated, congratulations to David and be on the lookout for the results.


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