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Data Direct Networks takes on EMC Atmos with Web Object Scaler (WOS)

Data Direct Networks (DDN) announced their entry into the cloud with the introduction of Web Object Scaler (WOS), a clustered storage system based on an object based file system that has been four years in the making.

WOS is targeting the web content and storage market with a particular focus on Internet and Web 2.0 sites, health-care, document imaging, online game development and geospatial information services. DDN have clearly identified the content distribution network (CDN) space with its cost and ownership issues as a prime opportunity and despite the EMC Atmos claim that they are not in this space it is obvious that DDN have Atmos in their sights. 

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Getting the “Tweety” Bug @ SNW

Spring 2009 Storage Networking World is now history. As expected the crowds were down a bit with the vendor participation down significantly but according to the SNW folks, end user attendees were at 92% when compared to last year, not too bad considering current economic realities.


Eyes are now on SNW Fall to see how well the event can rebound, or not.


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Hanging in the Wikibon Tweet Suite at SNW Spring 2009

It was another successful and busy week at Storage Networking World (SNW) Spring 2009 in Orlando. Although the number of vendors, by my count, was 48% of what it was in Spring 2008, it was apparent that the vendors who did participate sent fewer people. However, the SNW officials said that the end-user attendance was 92% of what it was in Spring 2008. Obviously travel budgets have been cut, and this was reflected in the end-user attendance, which had shifted to many local IT professionals from the central Florida region.

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Hanging in the Tweet Suite @ SNW

The Spring 2009 Storage Networking World ends today. It was a busy week for the Wikibon team as we were briefed by more than 25 technology companies and tweeted the live action to the Wikibon community. Bill Mottram, Dennis Martin and I gave presentations during the week, Dennis on SSD for Microsoft Apps, Bill on optimizing energy and efficiency and me with Rich Avila on how Virtualization Energizes Cal State U East Bay.

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Wikibon’s Live Social Media Experience at SNW

Most of us arrived last night in Orlando. Nick Allen, Bill Mottram, Dennis Martin, Gary MacFadden, Ed Parolisi and I had a nice dinner and then we checked out our meeting place. Dennis Martin installed a wireless network and we’re ready to go. You can follow the action on Twitter, check this blog and Wikibon for updates.

David Floyer arrives tonight to round out the Wikibon cast.

Dennis is speaking at 9:20 this morning. Monday’s are always the best day to speak at SNW because you get way more IT practitioners in the room on Monday. Last two times I pulled a Monday slot we had 75 and 100 people in the room, 75% IT people. Note to self…no more Tues/Wed speeches.

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New Analyst 2.0 Model One Ups Wikibon

I received a hilarious email this morning from someone poking fun at the analyst business with a radically new model. It’s brilliant, check it out. Harvester Research has a new way of doing business. is being launched as the industry’s first Analyst as a Service (AaaS).

As funny as this April 1 spoof is, it underscores the fact that something in this business has to change. It’s a big reason we launched Wikibon, to provide practitioners direct and transparent access and input to the research process. We invite the vendor community to participate but if something gets posted that is just pure marketing, all the community has to do to improve it is hit the edit button. Marketing is fine, as long as it’s a source of value, otherwise it’s just an annoyance.

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Today’s hot M&A rumor – IBM to aquire SUN for $6.5B!

According to the Wall Street Journal IBM is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems Inc for at least $6.5 billion. That price tag would translate into a premium of about 100 percent over Sun’s NASDAQ closing price Tuesday of $4.97.

WSJ displayed a masterful ability to hedge their bet by saying that a deal with IBM could happen as early as this week – or fall apart! They also noted that if IBM does buy Sun, it would be the company’s largest acquisition since it bought Canadian software maker Cognos for about $5 billion in January 2008.

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Who are Wikibon Members?

People have been asking me lately to describe the Wikibon member base in more detail. Since we launched the new site the day after Labor Day last year, we’ve begun requesting new members provide a bit more information about who they are and their area of expertise when they register. The vast majority of folks that sign up for Wikibon provide a title and the subject matter about which they are most passionate.  I’m really happy about that so we can learn more about our members and provide more new and interesting services.

I asked David Butler to put together a list of companies where the Wikibon member has specified a title that clearly indicates he or she is an IT professional. My idea was to put the logos of these firms on a slide to show people. I After getting through about 20% of the list I ran out of room on my slide. When he has more time, I’ll have Dave put together a more complete list by industry but here’s a sample of the member companies:

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Enterprise Cloud Food Fights

I’m sure by now you’ve all at least skimmed the Berkeley paper that came out earlier last month, Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing. Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to that’s read it agrees it’s an excellent piece of work– but the marketing guys are a bit unnerved with some of the language in the paper. They’ve mobilized the mindshare troops and are trying to advance the discussion to include their perspectives. At issue is the following statement in the paper:

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Wikibon: What the Hell!

Here’s what happens when you run the ‘About Wikibon’ through Wordle.

Wordle Analysis of About Wikibon Page

Wordle Analysis of About Wikibon Page

Wordle might seem pointless but it’s actually very cool. It’s not that I’m excited just seeing the giant “Wikibon,” which is prominent because it’s cited a zillion times in the About page. The subtleties of Wikibon are what drive my passions. You’d expect to see things like Gartner, Meta, IDC and Forrester because our founders and early contributors had backgrounds at these research giants. And it’s not surprising to see Wells (as in Wells Fargo) and Pfizer and other organizations that advised us in the beginning– all new companies need advisers from the good people they wish to serve.

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