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Cloud and Big Data Upending IT Stalwarts

IBM’s annual revenue last year dropped below $100 billion for the first time since 2010. The company’s fourth quarter results were particularly weak, coming in 5.5% below expectations. This was due in large part to IBM’s struggling hardware business, with revenue dropping a staggering 27%.



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SAS Institute continues its in-database analytics push

This week, SAS Institute unveiled a new analytics tool that it will offer in conjunction with data warehouse vendors Teradata and EMC-Greenplum. Called SAS High Performance Analytics, the tool will live inside the data warehouse, a technique known as in-database analytics that is becoming more and more popular in the era of Big Data.

By embedding scoring and modeling capabilities inside the database, in-database analytics allows users to run complex analytics against large data sets without having to transfer the data to a separate analytics or business intelligence application. Loading large volumes of data into an analytics platform can take hours or even days, and in some cases isn’t even possible. As a result, users must often be content to analyze just samples sets of data, which can sometimes lead to inaccurate analysis.


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