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Why Tape is Poised for a George Foreman-Like Comeback

Tape is Dead, Not!

The combination of tape and flash will yield much better performance and substantially lower cost than spinning disk. This statement will prove true for long-term data retention use cases storing large data objects. The implications of this forecast are: 1) Tape is relevant in this age of Big Data; 2) Certain tape markets may actually show growth again; 3) Spinning disk is getting squeezed from the top by flash and from below by a disk/tape mashup we call “flape.”

Spinning Disk: Slow and Getting Slower


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IBM to Buy Sun?

We’re very busy ramping Wikibon right now but I was told all day I needed to blog about this. So I took a few minutes to do some quick reading and some thinking. Then I read the post from Chuck Hollis over at EMC who nailed it.

I’ll summarize what he said and add a few of my own thoughts.

  1. This was inevitable – Sun is not a stable bet for CIO’s and IBM’s a better fit than HP;
  2. IBM definitely covets the Solaris installed base especially in telcos and Internet businessess;

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