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SMB CIO: Sometimes “scale” means small

Last week, I attended and participated in the Next Generation Storage Symposium and listened to a number of vendors and community participants discuss the future of storage and how the storage revolution will come to change IT as we know it.  However, during one segment of the discussion, the conference organizer and a panel participant – Stephen Foskett – made what to me, was a profound statement.

“Scale doesn’t necessarily mean ‘big’.”

Why do I think this was an important statement?




EMC’s VNXe: ITaaS to the SMB market

Yes, there is a box, but it's the software inside that could end up in many different form-factors that is important


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The Seven Key Attributes that Define Effective SMB Storage

The storage challenges faced by small and medium sized companies are no different than those experienced by larger enterprises. While IT consumers in SMBs and larger enterprises have similar service levels expectations the SMB rarely has the specialized storage resources that larger businesses enjoy. SMB IT staff tend to be generalists with a broad portfolio of IT issues to manage and are unlikely to have the in-depth knowledge of any one specialization — such as storage.

Faced with the realities of limited staff, expertise and finances, an SMB is challenged with finding a storage solution that is cost effective, easy to implement, manage, maintain and one that will do the job