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Navigating the Big Data Vendor Landscape

The Big Data vendor landscape is developing rapidly. A number of vendors have developed their own Hadoop distributions, most based on the Apache open source distribution but with various levels of proprietary customization. The clear market leader in terms of distribution is Cloudera, a Silicon Valley start-up with an all-star line-up of Big Data experts including Hadoop creator Doug Cutting and former Facebook Data Scientist Jeff Hammerbacher. A new entrant to the market is Hortonworks, which was spun out of Yahoo in June 2011 and released a completely open source Hadoop distribution of its own in November 2011.


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EMC Customer Support: Online Tools for a Changing Landscape

When it was known more commonly as “product technical support” a decade ago, most IT customers (and their suppliers) focused on a handful of key issues: Is the coverage 24×7?  Does it cover me in multiple geographies?  How long is the warranty on various devices, and what does the maintenance contract look like when the warranty is done?  Important questions in an historically low-profile part of IT.

As we move towards a new world of converged infrastructure, cloud services and Big Data, the old technical support paradigm is being replaced by something known more broadly as “customer care.”  It’s a euphemism, but it also describes a sea-change in the role of support services.  The contrast between the old days and 2011 is striking:


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