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We are entering the “PC+” era, not a “post PC” era

Everywhere you look, there are articles and analysts celebrating the “post PC” era that we’re entering.  After all, with PC sales in decline and tablet shipments rising, we must be entering a new era, right?  Quite possibly, but I don’t see the new era as being one in which PCs are relegated to the sidelines as has-been devices.  In fact, I see the PC-experience as taking on new life in a multitude of new forms in what I prefer to call the PC+ Era.


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Rootkit Viruses From the Cloud and Freeware to Help Kill Them

You may have seen our post from almost a year ago with an infographic explaining 8 levels of IT security in data centers.  It is very important to make sure any cloud computing servers you are using are secure, especially for business purposes.  Nonetheless, with cloud computing and rapidly advancing technologies, viruses, malware, and spyware seem to be getting more prevalent and smarter.  “As more workers become virtual, cloud computing offers compelling ways to share information, but as workers connect, you never know what is going to be on their home PC.”  At this point in time, it is not uncommon for one to experience the misfortune of being attacked.  Rootkits viruses are becoming more common, and they are among the most difficult to clean from computers.  This is because they hide their “presence from administrators by subverting standard operating system functionality or other applications”  (Wikipedia).  Anyone who has experience battling a rootkit knows that it can sometimes feel like you are at war with your computer under harsh conditions with little time for food or sleep.  Oftentimes, viruses and malware scanners will discover and repair attacks on your computer, but they miss the rootkit in itself, which will then re-initiate the attacks on your computer.  Here are four of the best freeware programs to bolster your rootkit fighting power and hopefully give you what it takes to achieve victory and win back your computer!


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