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Whither NetApp: The Future of a Silicon Valley Icon

NetApp is a company with a rich history, a culture of innovation and is a firm that has consistently proved the naysayers wrong. Still, NetApp is under fire again, including for many some strange reasons:

  1. The company rocketed out of the recession in 2010 and 2011 and hasn’t been able to sustain its incredible market share gains and growth momentum
  2. The company has too much cash – nearly $7B
  3. NetApp is not currently perceived by some on Wall Street as a company positioned for the future.



Storage Wars: The Battle for Convergence

HP stated on a recent analyst call that its VirtualSystem best-of-breed integrated system is the “only real alternative to VCE” [Vblock]. While HP may have VCE in its competitive sights, all of the major storage vendors have been ramping up efforts in the converged infrastructure space.

While the number of virtual machines (VMs) that can be deployed on any infrastructure will vary by workload and there are many other capabilities (such as energy efficiency, cost, support, performance, and application support) that should be considered in evaluating stacks, it can be seen that not all stacks are geared for all environments.

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VMware Storage Leaderboard: Who Has the Best Integration?

While cloud may be the focus of marketing and press campaigns, VMware server virtualization is still one of the primary growth engines for enterprise data center environments today. CIOs have reaped benefits through consolidation and agility of server virtualization, but have had to deal with the ripple effects of how virtualization breaks storage (and networking). Last year, Wikibon took a close look at the integration journey that is required to allow VMware virtualization to continue its growth by creating higher performance storage solutions that can move into mission critical applications. Every storage vendor has a strong push into virtualization in general, and VMware specifically, and while it is a complex story as to who is “the best”, Wikibon did extensive research to peel back the onion on storage integration with VMware. We have posted the full results of the VMware Storage Integration research; this article and others will add some color to the report.

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NetApp Growth and the Waves of Virtualization and Convergence

While NetApp has not changed it's tagline from "Go further, faster", they talked about having a goal of being Infinite and Immortal, so I thought a Highlander reference was in order.

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Best Infrastructure Technology Innovations: 2010 Wikibon CTO Awards

2010 Wikibon CTO Awards: Apple iPad

In 2010, key trends in infrastructure technology innovation included big data, cloud services, simplicity, virtualization, NAND flash, and data efficiency. We discuss these trends and core technology innovations in our Wikibon article, Best Enterprise Infrastructure Technology Innovations of 2010 and chose our Wikibon 2010 CTO award winners here.

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EMC and NetApp Vie for FCoE Leadership with PR Weapons

This morning there were two announcements, that were really non-announcements, related to FCoE:

  • Cisco and NetApp Unveil End-to-End FCoE Solution with VMware for the Dynamic Data Center in a press release
  • EMC started shipping Ethernet switches from Cisco and Brocade (Foundry products) according to

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Wikibon Peer Incite to Feature NetApp’s Internal Focus on Green IT

On August 25th Dave Robbins, CTO, IT Infrastructure at NetApp will be discussing how they have transformed their IT operations from a legacy of inefficient and costly practices to its current level of enviable data center efficiency illustrated by a predicted PUE of 1.2 in their latest data center.

Dave’s discussion will be shaped by the accomplishments of his team over the past couple of years and to give some insight into the upcoming session the following are some of the team’s achievements.

By implementing VMware they reduced x86 based clients from 4600 to 230 saving $1.3M in power and cooling and reducing the number of racks needed by 182.

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NetApp paints a positive picture at their recent analyst meeting.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the NetApp annual analyst meeting. This was the first I had attended and was well worth the investment. It was very well organized and orchestrated and my congratulations go out to Kris Newton and the team for a job well done.

The initial main tent session on the first day was focus on delivering a snapshot of company performance with Dan Warmenhoven (Chairman and CEO) kicking the session off followed by Tom Georgens (COO) and the rest of the senior executive team. Some of the key points delivered were:

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FalconStor – The Other De-Dup Option

On Monday, June 1st, 2009, FalconStor Software announced some pretty compelling data reduction numbers. Depending on whose numbers you believe FalconStor’s single-node performance is 20-30% faster than Data Domain’s single node performance. What’s more, in its reference environment discussed here on Wikibon and in a press release here FalconStor’s Single Instance Repository (SIR) was able to achieve a 40:1 data reduction ratio – 20:1 using SHA-1 deduplication at a block level and then 2:1 using hardware compression cards from HiFN. FalconStor also has file level data reduction using pretty much the same code.

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EMC Starts Bidding War for Data Domain

EMC earlier this afternoon put out an offer for $30 a share for Data Domain, $5 more than NetApp’s bid. In after hours trading, Data Domain’s stock is up over $30 indicating that the street believes NetApp will be forced to match. NetApp stock is also up in after hours trading so somehow the street thinks a bidding war is good for NetApp. Sometimes things aren’t so logical on Wall Street– this won’t likely hold.

Here’s the EMC release.

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