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EMC Customer Support: Online Tools for a Changing Landscape

When it was known more commonly as “product technical support” a decade ago, most IT customers (and their suppliers) focused on a handful of key issues: Is the coverage 24×7?  Does it cover me in multiple geographies?  How long is the warranty on various devices, and what does the maintenance contract look like when the warranty is done?  Important questions in an historically low-profile part of IT.

As we move towards a new world of converged infrastructure, cloud services and Big Data, the old technical support paradigm is being replaced by something known more broadly as “customer care.”  It’s a euphemism, but it also describes a sea-change in the role of support services.  The contrast between the old days and 2011 is striking:

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Best Infrastructure Technology Innovations: 2010 Wikibon CTO Awards

2010 Wikibon CTO Awards: Apple iPad

In 2010, key trends in infrastructure technology innovation included big data, cloud services, simplicity, virtualization, NAND flash, and data efficiency. We discuss these trends and core technology innovations in our Wikibon article, Best Enterprise Infrastructure Technology Innovations of 2010 and chose our Wikibon 2010 CTO award winners here.

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VCE’s Converged Support

Convergence is about more than putting piece together, it is about looking for opportunities to do things in a better way with a complete solution. John Furrier of SiliconAngle recently interviewed Tony Kolish, SVP of EMC Worldwide Customer Support, and they discussed how support is critical to an environment that spans multiple technologies and multiple companies. Kolish says that the same best-in-class service that EMC offers for storage must translate to complete converged product.

Not Your Average Partner Support

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Strata Conference: The Big Data Wave is Coming

Last week, O’Reilly Media held the inaugural Strata “Making Data Work” Conference. The buzz of the conference was well beyond the 1400 people on-site (originally capped at 1000). SiliconAngle and Wikibon covered the event with a live video broadcast with over 30 guests (see the videos here). This wave has strong ties to the other big technology trends of the day: cloud computing, mobile and social. Big data is still nascent, so the definitions and boundaries of what is and isn’t big data are up for debate. What is clear is that a lot of people and companies believe that we can flip the challenges of the explosive growth of data into opportunities by creating new products and services.

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EMC’s VNXe: ITaaS to the SMB market

Yes, there is a box, but it's the software inside that could end up in many different form-factors that is important

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EMC and NetApp Vie for FCoE Leadership with PR Weapons

This morning there were two announcements, that were really non-announcements, related to FCoE:

  • Cisco and NetApp Unveil End-to-End FCoE Solution with VMware for the Dynamic Data Center in a press release
  • EMC started shipping Ethernet switches from Cisco and Brocade (Foundry products) according to

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EMC Picks a Greenplum

Playing off a trend that blog SiliconAngle calls Big Data,  EMC this afternoon announced it is acquiring Greenplum an innovative software company that produces highly scalable, very high performance database systems using off-the-shelf-commodity systems. The price of the acquisition was not disclosed by EMC. This is a statement by EMC that business analytics is strategic and a critical growth area for the company. EMC used to be the storage platform of choice in data warehouse and business intelligence markets. Early successes with programs such as MCI’s Friends and Family initiative put EMC on the map and its strong storage offerings continued its momentum for a decade.


20 Key Research Notes from the Wikibon Community

The Wikibon community prides itself on its research. Our community’s primary goal has been in helping technology professionals solve business problems through a sharing of IT advisory knowledge. We do this through regular Peer Incites, case studies, and community research.

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EMC Acquires Archer, Integration Next

EMC Acquires Archer

The latest acquisition of Archer Technologies fills a gap in EMCs solution ecosystem with a best-in-class GRC software platform. With the Archer acquisition, and the development of an integration layer across EMC products, EMC creates the opportunity to speak more definitively about its capability to provide GRC solutions for core IT assets and operations and across the enterprise.  The acquisition also provides a competitive play for EMC against other infrastructure technology providers including Oracle, with its GRC Manager, Microsoft with GRC Solution Accelerators and Sharepoint, CA, with its own GRC Manager, and others interested in their piece of the still-developing GRC marketplace.

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The World According to Joe Tucci

Cloud Rush

Cloud Rush

I’ve met, debated and interacted with countless CEO’s in my days. Gates was in a world alone, Gerstner was ultra button-down and board room impressive, Olsen was honest and avuncular, McNealy was fun, smart and intense, Ellison is funnier, smarter and even more intense, Ruettgers was focused, Egan was street smart and fearless.

Shugart was my favorite because he was outrageous, touchy and brilliant. He wore short sleeve Hawaiian shirts and said things like — as Nick Allen reminded me the other day — “cash is more important than your mother.”