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Storage Grid Allows IT to Enable Mobile

The waves of cloud computing and mobile (smartphone/tablet) adoption have put a lot of pressure on IT. Whether it is using a corporate card to activate cloud services or bringing a personally purchased iPad, there has been a growth of “shadow IT” that do not follow a corporate governance model and leaves companies open to security breaches. IT needs to get in front of these trends by providing the services that business users need so that there is no incentive for lines of business to go it alone.

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Real Data Centers of the Future

We are in the middle of a Data Center boom where tech companies all over the world are trying to compete for bigger, better, and more efficient info storage facilities. These Data Centers are used to accomplish a variety of online needs ranging from storing Facebook pages to Cloud technology. Take a glimpse into the innovative future of Data Storage with this list of Data Centers newly completed and still under construction worldwide.

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Music in the Clouds


It’s been talked about for years.  Even before iTunes revolutionized the music industry when it was first released in 2001, people have said the future is in cloud computing. 

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Hulk a.k.a. Infiniflex 12000 a.k.a. EMC Atmos Hardware.

Just in case there are still some folks out there interested in hardware I thought an update to the Hulk saga might be of interest.

At the recent EMC World event in Orlando I managed to view the somewhat neutered successor of what was originally planned to be a highly dense storage array with the “jack or better” features normally expected in a functional enterprise array.

It was initially exposed to public scrutiny in November 2008 as the the Infiniflex 12000 but that label has apparently been assigned to the product archives with the current moniker being the neutral term, Atmos Hardware.

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It’s not working…it’s networking!

One of the many things I learned from my sales mentor Jeffrey Gitomer is that if your industry is having an event and there will be more than 100 high profile butts in the seats, then your butt better be there too with an elevator pitch, a stack of business cards and some great ideas– everybody loves ideas right?

Well, last December I got a call from Greg Duplessie explaining to me that he had this idea for a networking event called, get this – The Business Development Networking Event. Needless to say, I didn’t have to ask what the purpose of the conference was if you know what I mean.

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V-Maxed out? Take a Deep Breath and Sharpen the Pencils.

For weeks the brain trust at Wikibon and I have been dissecting EMC’s V-Max announcement and we still have  a ways to go. Our technical guys want to go even deeper and we need to put together a good roadmap to help clients go from where they are today to this new vision of the virtual data center– if that’s where they really want to go.

Why Wouldn’t Customers Want to Migrate?

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HP’s Upline Bites the Dust

HP Upline consumers have been notified by an email from Hewlett-Packard stating that the service would be discontinued effective March 31, 2009.  Read more at App Scout »

This closure, follows AOL’s closure of Xdrive this past January, 2009, and sparked an interesting Linkedin discussion on Cloud Storage business models including comments by David Friend, CEO, Carbonite and Peter Secor President and CEO at Allmydata.

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