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Hadoop At Once Disrupts and Compliments Traditional Approaches

Despite the apparent contradiction, Hadoop and other emerging Big Data approaches are at the same time complementary to and disruptive to established data warehousing and business intelligence practices in the enterprise. I recently spoke with my colleague Stu Miniman about this and other findings from Wikibon’s Q2 2014 Big Data Analytics Survey in the below Cube Conversation. The survey, one of two major Big Data surveys Wikibon will undertake this year, is part of Wikibon’s new Big Data research service. The new service is focused on primary data-driven research designed to uncover how Big Data is practically applied in today’s enterprise, explore the impact on existing modes of data management and analytics, and to understand its implications for existing and start-up Big Data vendors. To find out more about Wikibon’s new Big Data research service, please email


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Big Data Changing the Business Frontier

Imagine being able to predict the future. To foresee market trends. To identify the wants and needs of people before their cravings hit. What if a company could explain correlations between business actions and unrelated spikes to sales in different sectors? One could confidently predetermine a path to success by providing answers to questions that haven’t arisen yet. What if the information to determine these predictions was already available and being constantly updated? If one could harness that information, asking new and innovative questions of it, do you think the world would change? Count on it. The watchword is Big Data, and it has the power to revolutionize the way we think about using information.


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Not Your Father’s Data Analytics

Traditionally, data processing for analytic purposes follows a fairly static blueprint. Namely, enterprises create mainly structured data with stable data models via enterprise applications like CRM, ERP and financial systems. Data integration tools extract, transform and load the data from enterprise applications and transactional databases to a staging area where data quality and data normalization (hopefully) occur and the data is modeled into neat rows and tables. The modeled, cleansed data is then loaded into an enterprise data warehouse. This routine usually occurs on a scheduled basis – usually daily or weekly, sometimes more frequently.


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Is Big Data Utopia Near at Hand?

The Big Data community has been waiting in anticipation for Ben Werther’s start-up Platfora to come out of stealth mode and reveal its grand vision since early summer. Well, that day has come and Werther’s vision for Platfora is indeed ambitious.

Platfora today announced it raised $5.7 million in Series A funding led by Anderseen Horowitz, with additional support from In-Q-Tel. In an accompanying blog post, Werther said Platfora has developed a platform to allow business users to interactively explore large data sets stored on Hadoop and create multidimensional, predictive dashboards and reports.


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