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Virtualization Requirements Driving Ethernet Fabric Architectures

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Over a year ago, I posed the question, “Does 10Gb Ethernet change the Competitive landscape?” Cisco has been the dominant player in networking, for over a decade no competitor ever captured even ten percent of the market. While Ethernet is continuing its march into new markets and new applications, the market landscape has definitely changed. Fresh off of VMworld, there is a buzz in the networking world around new opportunities and architectures.

The Big Trends


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Summer 2011 Heat Wave of Networking Acquisitions with Dell and Intel

After a blockbuster year of storage acquisitions in 2010 with over $1B spent each on 3PAR, Isilon, Compellent, many have predicted that 2011 would be the year of networking acquisitions. Many look at Cisco’s entrance into the server business as having a ripple effect of server vendors expanding into the networking space, most notably with HP’s acquisition of 3COM and to a lesser extent IBM’s BNT purchase. This week, Intel signed an agreement to acquire merchant silicon vendor Fulcrum Microsystems and Dell announced the intent to acquire networking equipment vendor Force10. While financial terms have not been disclosed, both of these deals are estimated to be in the hundreds of $Ms and complement existing portfolios rather than changes in market direction or severing of existing partnerships.


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Everybody is a Networking Winner at Interop in Vegas

Scalable Fabrics and Big Buffets Collide at Interop in Las Vegas

Optimism was abundant at Interop in Las Vegas this week. Attendance and energy was up from the more economically subdued shows of the last two years. While I only got to spin through the event for a few hours, I did get to talk to a bunch of the companies and bloggers at the show. While cloud (and the fabric networking that enable scalable architectures) may have been the big theme, but the undertone in the networking space was attacking Cisco while they are believed to be vulnerable due to some soft financial results and restructuring.


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Deciphering the New Network at Interop

This week in Las Vegas, just about every networking vendor will release one of more press releases at Interop telling you about all of the latest and greatest products and technologies. Even for those that watch the industry closely, it can be difficult to squint through the details to figure out the differentiation between the product lines. From a size, density, power and performance standpoint, vendors leapfrog each other all of the time from one generation to the next. Thanks to the big trends of virtualization, cloud computing and the transition to higher speed architectures (10Gb Ethernet getting broad traction and 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet products now starting to go into production environments), there are real areas to differentiate.


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EMC and NetApp Vie for FCoE Leadership with PR Weapons

This morning there were two announcements, that were really non-announcements, related to FCoE:

  • Cisco and NetApp Unveil End-to-End FCoE Solution with VMware for the Dynamic Data Center in a press release
  • EMC started shipping Ethernet switches from Cisco and Brocade (Foundry products) according to

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Brocade is “Strategic” to Oracle but QLogic gets the CNA Exclusive

Oracle: Major Player with a Big Agenda

Last week Stu Miniman blogged that QLogic CEO H.K. Desai announced to Wall Street on its earnings call that it had begun revenue shipments of its converged network adapter (CNA) product to Oracle. SiliconAngle then followed up Stu’s blog with a post positing that the deal was an exclusive. I haven’t been able to confirm the exclusive but the guys at SiliconAngle are right more often than wrong on these things as they’re heavily plugged into the Silicon Valley insider scene.  Normally firms like to dual source adapters but Sun was one firm that was prone to do exclusives and limit its supplier base—so I suspect SiliconAngle’s take is correct and Oracle is continuing that trend.


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Can Brocade Remain Independent?

I’ve been discussing the changing IT infrastructure with a number of vendors.  Getting schedules to line up, especially in the summer can be difficult, and after a last-minute cancellation of a meeting with Brocade, I sent a note on Twitter (above).  It got a lot of responses, so I thought I would give my thoughts on Brocade.  Rumors of Brocade being acquired have floated around for many years and M&A activity is always a hot topic for press and bloggers.  I have no insider information about any activity, but have worked with Brocade (and most of the companies it has acquired) for 10 years.  How would an acquisition affect the legacy FC market or the their entrance into Ethernet?


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Can You Really Build an All-Ethernet Data Center with FCoE?

Let’s take a hypothetical customer who is looking to build a new data center and they would like to embrace the latest and greatest technologies.  Can they construct an entire environment built with a Converged Network – an all-Ethernet environment?  This post will focus on the technology and ecosystem.

The Single Network


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