Strange press release about Dataram entering the storage market

Founded in 1967, Dataram is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of reliable, high capacity and innovative memory solutions. Dataram provides customized memory solutions for OEMs and memory upgrades for leading brands including HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Intel and AMD Opteron.

In 1976, Dataram invented the first SSD called BULK CORE which attached to minicomputers from ModComp and emulated hard disks made by DEC and Data General. Each chassis held 8x 256k x 18 RAM modules and had a capacity of 2 megabytes.

In October 2008, Dataram re-entered the SSD market with the acquisition of strategic assets from Cenatek whose CEO joined Dataram to lead the company’s return to solid state storage, an area they pioneered 32 years ago.

So, it would be more correct to say Dataram is re-entering the storage market. While the company has not announced what the product is, they do say it is focused on application performance improvements as well as cost savings. So is it an SSD or a Cache or what? Soon we’ll find out.

press release


Memory Industry Leader Dataram Enters Storage Market

August 19, 2009
Will soon unveil innovative data storage acceleration product line

Princeton, NJ, August 19, 2009 – Dataram Corporation [NASDAQ: DRAM], a worldwide leader of advanced memory solutions, today announced plans to launch a unique storage product line that will deliver application performance improvements as well as cost savings without the need for an expensive storage upgrade or replacement. This product launch supports Dataram’s corporate strategy to deliver data center solutions that optimize performance, leverage existing IT investments, and make measurable reductions in the total cost of ownership associated with these assets.

“Companies have increased their focus on maximizing performance, extending the life of their existing infrastructure, stretching their hardware dollars and achieving substantial cost savings,” said John H. Freeman, Dataram’s President and CEO. “For more than four decades Dataram has set the standard for performance and reliability in memory, and we look forward to taking an evolutionary, yet exciting step into data storage acceleration.”

Dataram’s U.S. manufacturing facility, strategically located distribution centers, and sales offices located on three continents will allow the company to serve a diverse clientele with its upcoming product line. Over the past year, the company made significant investments in research and development. Early customer evaluations are currently being conducted before the products are shown publicly for the first time at SNW in October.

“Early customer feedback has been very positive,” said Jason Caulkins, Dataram’s Chief Technologist. “We have significantly improved their application performance resulting in immediate, positive return on investment.”

In its 42 year history, Dataram has placed particular focus on users with demanding, complex and transaction-intensive environments where performance and reliability are critical. Its memory solutions have been successfully deployed in industries such as financial services, life sciences, oil and gas, government and defense. With the launch of its storage products and complementary software and services, Dataram is poised to uniquely position itself as a valued and strategic business partner. Dataram extends its presence through its Partner Community which includes world-class distributors, VARs, system integrators and application service providers.


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