She was filmed walking up a grassy slope towards the building

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Replica Hermes Model Chloe Ayling dons hotpants and forensic gloves as she shows police inside farmhouse where she was ‘held captive for six days’The ‘kidnapped’ 20 best hermes birkin replica handbags year old broke down in tears before entering the isolated farmhouse with detectives she pointed out a double bed replica hermes handbags uk she shared with suspect Lukasz HerbaGet daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailDressed in blue shorts, a vest top and forensic gloves, British model Chloe Ayling shows police around the Italian farmhouse where she claims she was held captive for nearly a week.The ‘kidnapped’ 20 year old was filmed walking around the isolated building with detectives, in dramatic footage played today at the trial of her alleged attacker, Lukasz Herba.With her blonde hair tied up in a bun, she could be seen pointing out a double bed where she claims she slept alongside 30 year old Herba, with each of them on different sides.”This is where I slept with [Lukasz],” the mum of one reportedly said, pointing at the right side of the bed.”He was on one side and I was on the other,” she added.(Image: Polizia di Stato)She also pointed to the floor where she claims she spent one night in a sleeping bag as she walked through the farmhouse in the Piedmont region, accompanied by a translator.Herba is on trial for Chloe’s alleged kidnapping last July. The model alleges she was drugged and taken to the farmhouse when she showed up at a Milan studio for a fake photo shoot.The suspect is claimed to have demanded 50,000 Bitcoins for her release.In police footage displayed at his Milan trial, Chloe showed investigators a spot near a doorway where she claims she was grabbed from behind during the alleged kidnapping.She alleged she was “about to open” hermes sandals replica the door when she was attacked.(Image: Splash News)It is claimed the model was drugged at the studio, before being bundled into a car and transported to the remote farmhouse, where she was allegedly held for six days.Chloe, who also showed investigators the town where she went with the suspect to buy food and a pair of shoes, started crying as she got to the farmhouse, Il Giorno reports.She was filmed walking up a grassy slope towards the building, before entering it with officers. She then pointed out places she was allegedly held, while donning forensic gloves.A previous court hearing was told the model was injected with ketamine, stripped, photographed and advertised online replica hermes h belt to be auctioned for Middle Eastern buyers Replica Hermes.