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How do you engage with Wikibon?

Wikibon_logoHRWikibon does not charge for content on We give high quality research away for free and use a true open source delivery model. The vast majority of research we produce on our site is available under the GNU Free Documentation License and we integrate, package and add value to that research for fees. Essentially we sell our time, data and insights; however, we do not write white papers and other vendor marketing material for a fee.

Our clients purchase three types of services from Wikibon, each representing a different level of financial commitment:

  • TrendConnect

TrendConnect provides Wikibon clients cost effective access to the Wikibon Mastermind Alliance and is available on an annual subscription basis. This alliance was formed through collaborations with industry consultants and subject matter experts to help our clients get the most value out of Wikibon’s community. These professionals are available to our clients on a consulting basis.

  • Wikibon Alignment Initiatives

Wikibon Alignment Initiatives are collaborations that bring together IT Managemement, subject matter experts, industry partners, consultants and the vendor community together to achieve a focused objective, typically related to aligning vendor technology offerings with  customer requirements. The outcome of these inititiatives is a series of interactive research and advice, as well as focused engagements involving customers and vendors to solve particularly challenging industry problems.

  • Consulting Services

Wikibon clients frequently engage with the Wikibon Mastermind Alliance to conduct specific projects related to a variety of issues. These might include economic value justification, product positioning, advanced market research and other pressing issues for our clients.

For more information or to become a Wikibon client, please email us or call (774) 463-3400.

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