Real Data Centers of the Future

We are in the middle of a Data Center boom where tech companies all over the world are trying to compete for bigger, better, and more efficient info storage facilities. These Data Centers are used to accomplish a variety of online needs ranging from storing Facebook pages to Cloud technology. Take a glimpse into the innovative future of Data Storage with this list of Data Centers newly completed and still under construction worldwide.


Lulea, Sweden
With more Facebook users outside the United States than inside, Facebook is building a new five-acre data center to better serve this audience. With the entire rest of the world to choose from, they pick just south of the Arctic Circle Lulea, Sweden for its freezing climate. Think about it, cooling is essential for data centers. Facebook officials also said the city had close proximity to hydroelectric power, which was a factor in the decision.

However, there is a general fear among Europeans that their privacy is at risk due to Sweden’s notorious National Defense Radio Establishment. The agency can legally conduct surveillance on data traffic to and from Sweden under legislation designed to fight cross-border terrorism and crime. Google’s global privacy council Peter Fleischer called it “the most privacy-invasive legislation in Europe.”



Prineview, Oregon
Facebook’s newly completed data center has achieved the LEED® Gold Certification in Prineview, Oregon. The data center needs 52 percent less energy to operate than a comparable facility built to code requirements. LEED® Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition to its energy efficiencies, the Prineville data center includes many other environmental conservation features, both in its construction and in its use.

Twenty-seven percent of building materials used came from recycled products, and 30 percent of materials used were locally sourced and manufactured. Ninety-one percent of the wood used was FSC-certified from sustainability-managed forests, and 83 percent of construction waste was recycled or reused, preventing 530 tons of waste from ending up in a landfill.

100 percent of rainwater is captured and reused for all irrigation and toilet-flushing needs, a savings of 272,000 gallons of municipally treated water per year. A solar energy installation generates an estimated 204,000 kilowatt hours per year, providing electricity to the office areas. The offices are even heated through reuse of heat created by the servers.


“Lights Out” AOL has begun operations at a new data center that will be completely unmanned, with all monitoring and management being handled remotely. The new “lights out” facility is part of a broader updating of AOL’s infrastructure that leverages virtualization and modular design to rapidly deploy and manage server capacity.

“Failures and issues on-site go into a planned maintenance mode,” said Mike Manos, AOL Senior Vice President of Technology Operations.

“We simply move the instances (or create new ones) to other data center facilities and the failed equipment is addressed in a scheduled way using outsourced or vendor partners. This is hugely cost beneficial for us as we can now build SLAs around the service without having to worry about the cost of staffing for ‘something to go wrong’.”

AOL Cloud Only Data Center


Behind Apple’s new cloud, there’s sunlight. The company is building a solar power plant across the street from the data center, the newspaper said, citing county permits that allow the company to regrade 171 acres in preparation for building a solar farm. If Apple develops the whole site, the solar farm could generate 25 to 35 megawatts of power, for it’s current 225 acre 500,000 sq ft iCloud Data Center.



Langfang, Hebei Province of China
IBM in conjunction with China-based Range Technology, started construction in early 2011 for what will become the World’s Largest data center in the Langfang, Hebei Province of China. The Data Center, expected to be a 6.2-million-square-foot facility is planned to be completed in 2016, it will be a state-of-the-art, enterprise-class cloud computing data center to support the development of Hebei Province as a high-end information technology and services-based economy.

The collaboration will help companies across China with enterprisewide strategic outsourcing services, business continuity and disaster recovery services, in addition to advanced capabilities in cloud computing storage and mobile-device management according to Zhou Chaonan, chairman of Range Technology.


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