Microsoft Decides to Ignore Surface’s Glaring Issues

MS-surface-2Last week, Microsoft announced the follow up to the much-maligned Surface line of tablets.  In doing so, the company announced that they have decided to simply ignore the most serious issues with Surface while addressing items that weren’t really all that bad in the first release.


Oracle’s New ZS3 Underscores Integration End Game

Once again the Wikibon team is gearing up for our annual trek to Oracle OpenWorld. As usual we’ll be there with SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE. We’ve watched Oracle evolve into an integrated solutions company and the firm’s recent storage announcement highlights Oracle’s strategy to take out operational costs by tightly integrating hardware and software.

In 2010 Wikibon wrote a piece, which put forth the premise that independent software vendors, and particularly Oracle and Microsoft, were intent on bundling more storage function into application stacks to drive down costs. In that post we said:


Apple’s Transformation from Market Leader to Marker Follower Continues

2013-09-11_14-04-52Apple’s September 9, 2013 announcement is proof that Apple has made the full transformation from innovation powerhouse to Just Another American Company.  If you’re not aware yet, today Apple announced the imminent release of two new iPhones.  The first is the successor to the current iPhone 5 and is dubbed the iPhone 5s. The second is a new, lower cost class of iPhone that is available in a variety of colors and is known as the iPhone 5c.


Getting From Here To There Is The Next Technology Frontier

It’s no secret that the IT industry is changing at a pace that seems to accelerate with every passing year.  At VMworld 2013, Carl Eschenbach, COO of VMware, gave the keynote address and discussed what the future of how IT should be operated.  He focused on three main points:

  • Ensuring that virtualization extends to all of IT.
  • Replacing the current IT management paradigm with a future based on automation.
  • Ubiquity of the hybrid cloud.

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Securing Information in the Snowden Age – From Discovery to Classification

data-backupSecurity services and security products are critical to helping organizations identify security issues and mitigate risks through the years.  One of the critical challenges in today’s IT environments however is a bit more fundamental and it starts with getting a handle on securing sensitive information.

Every environment has their own mix of technologies.  Some shops have some obvious deficiencies, while others are armed to the max.  The right mix of technology, policies and practices around security can be hard to attain, it takes time.  And sometimes unfortunately you have to work with what you have.  The one thing that can be counted on for consistency are fortunately fundamental.  If you isolate those top priorities that little bit of help can go a long way and get you to the best security posture possible.

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HotLink Brings Affordable Disaster Recovery to the Masses

To say that there is a whole lot of significant advancement to be seen on the expo floor at VMworld 2013 is an understatement.  There seems to be movement in just about every area of IT.  One aspect of the IT environment that remains a challenge for many revolves around disaster recovery.  While many organizations have done a reasonable job taking their backup and recovery processes to a level that can protect against hardware and software faults, cost and complexity have prevented many organizations – particularly those in the SMB space from achieving truly effective DR.

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CIOs: If You’re Not Following The Trends, You’re Far From Alone

iStock_000023488582XSmallOne of reasons that I love consulting and love attending events where I meet with end users is that I get to “keep it real” by seeing what’s really happening out in the real world as opposed to what analysts think should be happening in the data center and across the IT spectrum.  To listen to some of the typical tech media, one would think that everyone is now running their data centers inside public clouds or hybrid clouds and that the IT group is now completely focused on accelerating the business and technology issues are a thing of the past.


Ballmer’s Exit Starts a New Day for Microsoft

I’ve always been of the mindset that turnover in personnel is generally a good thing, particularly at the top of the organization.  Like all things, organizations need to adapt or they will die while time passes them by and the market chooses alternatives that better fit the times.  This morning, Microsoft announced that Steve Ballmer, CEO since 2000, will retire within the next twelve months and that the Microsoft board has created a committee to identify his successor.


The New VMware Ecosystem Live at VMworld on theCUBE

See full coverage from VMworld 2013.

VMworld: VMware’s user conference is now in its 10th year. Due to a robust ecosystem and passionate community, this is THE show for virtualization and one of the top events for cloud. VMware has maintained dominance in the server virtualization market, but there are a lot of questions coming into the show. For the fourth year, theCUBE will be broadcasting live video throughout the show to provide in-depth independent analysis and coverage of all of the angles of the show.

Watch live on – news on – analysis at – Replays at


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For CIOs, Build vs. Buy Isn’t Just For Software Anymore

When it’s come to software, for years, CIOs have had to make a critical determination:

  • Is there an existing product on the market that can meet the identified business need?
  • Is there an existing product on the market that I can customize to meet my need?
  • Do I have to develop software to meet the identified business need?