New Analyst 2.0 Model One Ups Wikibon

I received a hilarious email this morning from someone poking fun at the analyst business with a radically new model. It’s brilliant, check it out. Harvester Research has a new way of doing business. is being launched as the industry’s first Analyst as a Service (AaaS).

As funny as this April 1 spoof is, it underscores the fact that something in this business has to change. It’s a big reason we launched Wikibon, to provide practitioners direct and transparent access and input to the research process. We invite the vendor community to participate but if something gets posted that is just pure marketing, all the community has to do to improve it is hit the edit button. Marketing is fine, as long as it’s a source of value, otherwise it’s just an annoyance.

How can we as an industry make sure marketing is of value to CIOs? The best way is to generate content that is hype-free and ‘how to’ oriented. How to get from point A to point B. How to apply technology to solve a business problem. How to deal with organizational challenges. How to communicate a complex problem to senior management. These are the types of research notes our users read most and we’re committed to continue to support this vision.

Here are some highlights to entice you to open the link:

“The founding team and I all left traditional analyst firms to build an Analyst 2.0 firm,”
explained Harvester Research CEO George “Tony” Gideon. “We took our own advice
about using technology to improve the customer experience and eliminate the inefficient
steps in our business processes. Our motto is ‘No Analysts.’ We’re redefining the whole
industry.” also allows technology vendors to publish their marketing materials
directly as independent third-party advice through a fast and easy web interface.

Harvester publishes the ‘Harvester Fave,’ the ‘Technology Magic Kingdom,’ and the ‘Technology Market Dream Cycle.’



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