Malwarebytes takes significant growth steps

Malwarebytes is the company behind the most advanced anti-malware protection and removal software in the industry.  This growing company has a unique story rooted in the experiences of founder and chief executive Marcin Kleczynski.  As the story goes, Marcin’s own PC had gotten infected with malware and he turned to community resources to try and fix his machine.  Frustrated with the amount of effort this had taken, Martin took to writing his own program known as Rogue Remover.  This software was distributed to friends and colleagues and officially formed the company and product now known as Malwarebytes.  Distributed by the “freemium” model, the company relies on the performance of its product as evidenced by its community ratings.  This grass roots approach is what makes this company unique.  Reputation and expert referral has led the company’s product to over 100 million downloads to date with no end in sight, adding users at a rate of a million each month.

Given the climate of hostile threats on the internet today, the stakes are growing as malware evolves and emerges on the scale of thousands of new threats by the hour.  Notorious botnets, Command and Control (C&C) networks, and “zombie” networks are some of the widespread manifestations of malware-compromised systems. Having roots in organized crime and emanating from throughout the world, the TDL4 “indestructable” bot network was recently reported on by Silicon Angle’s Kit Dotson.   The Malwarebytes product is relied on throughout the industry to deal with these and other types of malware.  Relying on its advanced detection engine, Malwarebytes uses levels of heuristics, system behavior and a signature engine to root out and prevent infections on a machine.  The approach is so thorough that it has earned recommendation and widespread adoption by several organizations, including, the force behind consumer computer support for Office Depot, Staples, and Office Max.

The product comes in two versions, the free version is designed to clean computers and existing infections.  The professional version offers real-time malware protection, automatic updating, and automated scanning features. The product is available online and in retail and in many languages.  It is indicative of a unified passion and expertise that the company has been able to do all this in light of their size.

The company has essentially been in “stealth mode” all this time, and it is with today’s announcements from the company that they pronounce their presence in the industry.  Malwarebytes are opening an EMEA (European) office, drastically expanding their base and they have acquired hpHosts, adding to their security offering.  hpHosts is a tracker index for blacklists for websites, servers, and emerging network threats.  It also tracks ad servers and tracking servers, quite often known as harbingers of malicious activity, often distributing malware and launch points for command and control networks, botnets, and other vectors.  All these elements lead to continued growth and expanded opportunities for the San Jose based company.

“In addition to its product accomplishments, Malwarebytes recently completed the acquisition of hpHosts, a popular and trusted blacklist of malicious websites, ad servers and tracking servers.  The acquisition ensures that Malwarebytes protects against the newest malevolent internet protocol (IP) addresses and harmful links while blocking the web servers being used to distribute the actual malware.  Additionally, the blacklist is used as leverage to persuade Internet Service Providers to shut down active malware-producing servers, helping to curb the malware problem for the Internet community as a whole. “

Malwarebytes continues to grow as their recognition for their product grows and in linear relation to the continued and ongoing threat of malware on PC’s.  The future points to mobile products, Mac software, tablets, and other emerging technologies such that malware threats are less and less bound to Intel-based PC’s.  Malwarebytes and the fuel that drives this company will continue to strive to address threats in the most complete manner and that motivation ties back to where it all started, one frustrated user.



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