Hanging in the Tweet Suite @ SNW

The Spring 2009 Storage Networking World ends today. It was a busy week for the Wikibon team as we were briefed by more than 25 technology companies and tweeted the live action to the Wikibon community. Bill Mottram, Dennis Martin and I gave presentations during the week, Dennis on SSD for Microsoft Apps, Bill on optimizing energy and efficiency and me with Rich Avila on how Virtualization Energizes Cal State U East Bay.

Dennis’ talk on Monday was jammed with about 125 people, mostly from IT organizations. From now on it’s Monday or no day for me. The two times I’ve talked on Monday the rooms were packed with IT practitioners. I spoke Wednesday and we had 40 people, almost all IT folks. Not terrible but Mondays are the way.

This week we heard about how NetApp sees de-dupe being applied to flash to bring it down to the price of disk, how Storewize is applying compression and making it more effective for online storage than other data reduction technologies, without compromising performance, and how Virtual Instruments probes the network to identify bottlenecks and helps customers increase the utilization of SAN switch ports in VMware environments. Rob Peglar from XIOtech briefed us yesterday morning…he was on central time and was a little late to the Tweet Suite which was a bummer because you never can have enough time with Peglar. ISE now looks like the major part of the company and is starting to take off.

Earlier in the week, 3PAR briefed us on its new F-Class, a new mid-range product with a 4-node controller design. 3PAR had a huge presence at the show and had an “F” traditional storage campaign in full swing– it was pretty funny. EMC took us through a strategy that emphasized de-dupe everywhere in the portfolio. We also heard about how STORserver is growing in this crummy economy (38% in the march quarter, yr-yr revenues) and how QLogic is going hard after FCoE with a single chip converged network adapter. It’s funny to see vendors at the low end downplaying FCoE while the hype on the high end is in full swing.  It’s just a matter of when not if for FCoE folks.

These and many others came to the Wikibon Tweet Suite, including LSI which luckily dragged us to thier 6Gig SAS demo which was very impressive. Dennis Martin is all over the 3-6Gig transition and was like a pig in mud at the LSI suite. Have you seen the Nehalem processors from Intel? It reminded me of a water-cooled mainframe cpu!

The best quote I heard all week was from the VP of Marketing at large company who didn’t know much about Wikibon until we briefed her. After she heard our pitch she said “Wikibon is the Galileo of the analyst business” meaning of course the analysts are no longer the center of the industry– we couldn’t agree more. At the bar later that day someone corrected the metaphor pointing out that technically speaking it should be Copernicus, not Galileo. In truth Galileo had his hand in the discovery too didn’t he and we definitely see Wikibon as an enabler.

Check back here for more updates from the  Wikibon team. Thanks for watching and thanks for being a Wikibon member!


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