Hackers: How They Get In, How They Got In

The news of Intel acquisition of McAfee signals a change in how leaders in the technology infrastructure space see the role of security. The security model is moving from the client (PC’s, laptop’s etc) to a network-based model, where virtual desktops and mobile clients are secured in the cloud.   

Intel is threatened when the number of logical machines start to outpace physical machines. As a result, Intel has to branch into new areas for its business and the cloud is a key priority. The cloud will not only be powered by tons of microprocessors, but think about Intel ‘virtual inside’ where security is at the epicenter of cloud computing. 

But how do security breaches happen? Where and how does the hacker get in and against what threats will companies like Intel be protecting us? Here is a graphical representation of how hackers penetrate and access company computers and networks; and the damage that is created. 



Hackers: How They Get In, How They Got In

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