Getting the “Tweety” Bug @ SNW

Spring 2009 Storage Networking World is now history. As expected the crowds were down a bit with the vendor participation down significantly but according to the SNW folks, end user attendees were at 92% when compared to last year, not too bad considering current economic realities.


Eyes are now on SNW Fall to see how well the event can rebound, or not.


This year I joined the Wikibon team in what became known as the Tweet Suite where I participated in over 20 briefings. This was my indoctrination into the power of Twitter as we delivered live updates during each presentation. The reaction was interesting with some of the folks giving their updates being uncomfortable, even intimidated, with the process but the majority enjoyed the novelty and saw the tangible value in this real world demonstration of viral communications.


Some highpoints:


  • NetApp:
    • Over 30K dedup licenses have been downloaded with over half activated
    • GX and Ontap 7 are converging; expect Ontap 8 early 2H09.
    •  Strong claim that WAFL works well with primary storage data dedup supporting the argument of their CTO at Large that deduped flash will become less expensive than the equivalent capacity of primary disk that is not deduped.
  • 3PAR:
    • Focused on their new F-Class array. Four controllers, mesh active, new for mid-range.
    • Appreciated their launch party and was amused by their “F” traditional storage campaign.
    • In both of my presentations I detailed the very tangible benefits that thin technology has delivered using 3PAR field data. Very well received by the attendees.
    • Expect 3PAR to support SSD by the end of 2009
  • STORServer:
    • Great to see a Colorado company doing well. They have grown 38% Yr over Yr.
    • Over 550 appliance users installed.
  • Xiotech:
    • ISE was introduced last year at Spring SNW, since introduction they have shipped over 1100 units. Not bad traction.
    • Introduced PowerNAP™, an energy efficiency feature for their Emprise 5000™. Based on an established “Wake on LAN” technology common in the server world, I have some reservations. Watch my blog for a more detailed post on the subject.
    • SSD will be supported, no availability date given.
    • Clustered NAS is a future enhancement.
  • Virtual Instrument:
    • Gaining traction helping large SAN users identify bottlenecks and increase the SAN port utilization in virtualized (VMware) environments.
  • LSI:
    • Impressive 6Gb/s demonstration. Having missed FC, LSI are well positioned exploit their SAS leadership in the heating up SAS/FC battle.  



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