Fibre Channel beats iSCSI

At Interop in NYC, I had the pleasure in participating in “The Great Debate: iSCSI beats FC”. Conference track chair, Mike Fratto pulled in Howard Marks, Stephen Foskett and me to have a little fun with a topic that all of us have been discussing and debating for a decade. Stephen and I were asked to take dogmatic positions (I supported FC and the NY Yankees while Stephen defended iSCSI and his beloved Red Sox) while Howard Marks was tasking with moderating (keeping us honest and bringing in the questions). There were great questions from the in-person and remote (video/Twitter) audiences. There was a clear winner, watch the video below to find out [all 3 of us shared our recommendations for making the FC/iSCSI decision after the vote].

iSCSI Beats Fibre Channel from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

Some additional references:

QLogic’s recent 16GbFC/10GbE announcement by me on Wikibon and Howard on Network Computing

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