Facts About Spam: A Visual Journey

Spam now accounts for over 90% of all email and cost an estimated $130 billion worldwide in 2009. Even for the small business, spam can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity. The Wikibon community decided to take a graphical look at spam; addressing everything from its origination, the most popular networks and countries responsible for spam, popular spam topics, and the most often used celebrity names designed to get you to click that email.

13 Facts About Spam: A Graphical Journey

Facts About Spam: A Graphical Journey


Design by Infographic World

  • The Spellchecker

    You spelled “legitimate” wrong.

  • Great study!
    they say 90.2% of all mails are spam, I thought it was almost 98%

    maybe it´s time that thise email provider like AT&T will work on a better ANTI spam policy/technology!

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  • Dennis

    What a waste of compute resources. Most, if not all spam is sent by automated tools. At the other end of this email chain, many spam filters automatically delete this spam email. So we have computers automatically sending messages to other computers that are automatically deleting it.

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  • I would never click on Obama or Miley Cirus. They will have to work harder in order to get me clicking on those spammy links.