Chuck Hollis Covers the Spectrum at The Cube

On Monday at EMC World 2010, Chuck Hollis stopped by The Cube in the Bloggers Lounge and I had the pleasure of rapping with him for 20 minutes or so. I’ve known Chuck for a while now and he’s becoming someone that I really enjoy speaking with and reading. We discuss, debate, agree, disagree and share ideas. The one thing about Chuck is his thinking is very crisp and he can articulate and express himself with remarkable clarity.

Chuck said in our discussion:

I’ve been with EMC about 15 years now and I have to unlearn everything I thought I knew about storage.

One of his key points in the discussion is that IT, virtualization, cloud, private cloud – whatever you call it – has to be better than what we have today . He agrees that a big part of that is lowering costs – just like outsourcing other functions Chuck says that IT should be no different. However he’s challenging his own organization and the IT industry in general to do more– meaning the industry, including EMC and its ecosystem, must tap the transformative potential of technology to drive more substantive business value than costs savings.

I couldn’t agree more. And for those who say “we’ve heard this all before from vendors” I would agree – we have. And technology has been transforming companies and adding business value (beyond lowering costs) for five decades– why should this decade be any different? To me, it’s a question of degrees of impact.

Here’s a replay of the live stream from The Cube at EMC World:

Watch live video from The Cube LIVE from EMC World 2010 on

As you’ll see we touched on many topics, including:

  • EMC’s social media journey
  • How Chuck’s iPad post went viral – you won’t believe this. NYT, FT, 150,000 reads – insane!
  • How the ROI of social media should stand for “Risk of Ignoring”
  • Why a small company’s “water cooler” is an advantage and how EMC is overcoming that hurdle using social media
  • IT as a service and why it’s no different than any other corporate function
  • Why our assumptions about IT need to be flipped
  • How will EMC transform from a company of product silos into a more integrated whole
  • How stack wars are evolving – including what Chuck called the “Sunacle” stack
  • How organizations will ultimately get legacy apps to work in a virtualized world

And finally – one of my favorite topics, advice for young people and how to leverage your skill sets in the corporate world.

Thanks to Chuck for spending some time with us at EMC World this year!