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Why Tape is Poised for a George Foreman-Like Comeback

Tape is Dead, Not!

The combination of tape and flash will yield much better performance and substantially lower cost than spinning disk. This statement will prove true for long-term data retention use cases storing large data objects. The implications of this forecast are: 1) Tape is relevant in this age of Big Data; 2) Certain tape markets may actually show growth again; 3) Spinning disk is getting squeezed from the top by flash and from below by a disk/tape mashup we call “flape.”

Spinning Disk: Slow and Getting Slower


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HotLink Brings Affordable Disaster Recovery to the Masses

To say that there is a whole lot of significant advancement to be seen on the expo floor at VMworld 2013 is an understatement.  There seems to be movement in just about every area of IT.  One aspect of the IT environment that remains a challenge for many revolves around disaster recovery.  While many organizations have done a reasonable job taking their backup and recovery processes to a level that can protect against hardware and software faults, cost and complexity have prevented many organizations – particularly those in the SMB space from achieving truly effective DR.


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Pushing Forward on Backup as a Service

Storage-as-a-Service is something we’ve been covering for years at Wikibon. In a piece we wrote way back in 2006, we said:

“The storage needs of business and application owners are simple: Give me storage when I need it. Provide services appropriate for my application in the most cost-effective manner. Charge me for what I use, don’t charge me for unnecessary waste.

Service-oriented storage has the potential to meet business needs by inherently offering the ability to:

  1. Provision storage capacity and function that meets application requirements based on performance, scalability, availability, cost and security needs of the business.

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