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For IT Professionals…

Wikibon is where IT management gathers to solve challenging problems, share knowledge and improve business technology in near real time. We are a worldwide community of practitioners, technologists and consultants dedicated to improving the adoption of technology and business systems through an open source sharing of free advisory knowledge.

Why Join Wikibon?

By joining Wikibon you’ll be participating in the Web’s first and largest research and advisory organization where peers help each other make better technology investment decisions. We started Wikibon because we believe the research and advisory business needs a stronger advocate for technology consumers. One that provides information that is independent, objective, developed by peers; and one where an analyst is not a ‘guru’ but rather a facilitator of knowledge sharing and a catalyst for collaboration. We call this Analyst 2.0.

By signing up for Wikibon, you’ll have direct input to the Web’s best IT research content and you’ll be invited to participate in our Peer Incite research meetings, a regular gathering of peers to share knowledge and best practice.

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For Technology Vendors…

The Wikibon community believes technology suppliers are a tremendous source of innovation and we invite technologists from the vendor community to participate actively in Wikibon– as long as you play by the rules. Those rules are simple:

  1. Don’t just talk about your products and technologies. Rather help IT practitioners apply technology to  improve business capabilities.
  2. Respect your peers in the vendor community and recognize their contribution to our industry.
  3. Keep Wikibon “commercial free.”

The Wikibon community believes the best way for vendors to market products and services is to help IT management understand how to apply them. We have a number of services that help technology vendors communicate to our user community in a way that is productive and effective.

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